LEZYNE Strip Drive Pro Rear - black

LEZYNE Strip Drive Pro Rear - black


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The Lezyne Strip Drive Pro 300 Rear offers a huge range of modes to cover any and every possible situation, day or night. Although some might consider some of the 11 modes to be redundant, there is no doubt that they are striking and the massive 300-lumen 'Day Flash 1' will ensure you are clearly visible to all road users in dense traffic, foggy or rainy weather, or simply from a distance on a long 'fast' road.

The new Strip Drive Rear Pro has been optimized with our new Wide Angle Optics lens (270° of visibility) and received a massive 32.5-hour increase in maximum runtime for up to 53 hours. It still features a class-leading 300-lumen Daytime Flash mode, in addition to 10 other output options thanks to its five LEDs. Its co-moulded construction is now more compact, and can be mounted to aero or round posts. Equipped with a micro-USB port, charging is simple and efficient.

WEIGHT: 53g 
MAX RUNTIME: 53 hours