GT 16 M Grunge
GT 16 M Grunge
GT 16 M Grunge

GT 16 M Grunge


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Better Bike Design. Better Experience.

Learning to ride a bike is memorable, but it isn’t always easy. Kids have to focus on balance, pedaling, and speed… all while trying not to tumble. Up until now kids’ bikes have basically been grown up bikes miniaturized for smaller bodies. Designing bikes this way means proper body positioning and pedaling mechanics are compromised.

Not anymore.

GT has developed a new line of kids' bikes that utilize its Legit Fit system and are designed specifically for those growing shredders. The Legit Fit system enables GT to build kids' bikes that have narrower cranks, proper gearing and improved body positioning. All with the benefits of optimizing pedaling, balance, and speed right from the start. Even better is that it's a system that works for kids of all more needing to "grow into" a bike.


+     GT Legit Fit System: Better Positioning, Faster Starting and Easier Pedaling
+     GT Designed Alloy Frame
+     Rear Coaster Brake
+     Training wheels included
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