TECH & TIPS - Suspension

May 29, 2021
Tech & Tips - Suspension

Taking time to look after your suspension will keep you fork feeling fresh ride after ride. 


Wipe down yo’ suspension! This may seem intuitive but cleaning your suspension after every ride ensures no dirt or debris get inside your fork. Use a basic blue shop towel and RockShox Suspension Cleaner. Not only will your ride look sharp, it’ll run better and last longer.


Need to revive your ride? Perform a regular 50-hour lower leg service. It restores small bump sensitivity, reduces friction, and extends bushing lifespan - which will all keep your fork feeling fresh, ride after ride.


Show your fork a little extra love! Performing a 200-hour service at least once a year will keep your fork feeling fresh with a damper and air spring service, new fluid, and new seals to keep your suspension moving like it’s supposed to.