Can I Still Ride My Bike Outdoors?

Mar 29, 2020

Before you say anything, yes this is another article about COVID-19 (coronavirus). However, we’re currently getting a lot of questions about whether or not it’s safe to ride a bike outdoors so we think it’s an important one.

The short answer to can I still ride my bike outdoors? is yes ... but with some qualifications. 

With the situation changing regularly, it’s easy to be confused. Governments are recommending that people continue to be active. In fact, it’s never been more important to look after your physical and mental health.

In the current environment, bike riding is one of the best ways to still get the 30 minutes of exercise you need each day. Of course, we need to make sure we're maintaining a physical distance of 1.5 metres, self isolating when required and practicing good hygiene. 

Advice for riding your bike outdoors during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Bicycle Network is recommending the following when it comes to riding your bike outdoors if you're social distancing but not self isolating:

  • We advise against going on any bunch rides in the immediate future
  • We do encourage you to get out on your bike for solo rides or rides with people from the same household
  • If you're heading to the shops, work, chemist etc. - go by bike as it’s one of the few opportunities you have to get active outdoors.
  • If you do go for a ride – avoid stopping if you can and be mindful of where you place your helmet, glasses, gloves etc. Keep them with your bike or on your person rather than placing them down somewhere.
  • When you return from a ride, wash your hands thoroughly and wipe down your bike, helmet and any gear.
  • Keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres from any other person you see while out on your bike.

If you’re self-isolating and feeling well, set up a stationary bike with an indoor trainer if you’ve got one.

This advice has been pulled together from relevant health, government and sporting bodies. If this changes, we will update it as necessary.